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GE Centricity for Business (GECB) is the UT Physicians billing system. From Centricity we pull Demographics and Billing data, which we push into our i2b2 instance.

Unlike Allscripts, Centricity contains information on patients seen in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Tables of commonly requested information are presented.

Data are updated on a weekly basis through a set of extracts provided by the clinical IT Staff. Data are loaded into the CDW nightly.

CDW Record Counts

The EHR contains demographic information on several million patients. However, the Clinical Data Warehouse has measures which reduce the total counts:

  • Exclusion of records without a complete encounter at a UT Physicians clinic
  • Exclusion of records missing all of the clinical data elements shown here
  • De-duplication algorithms to account for duplicate records

Thus, the final counts loaded into our i2b2 instance will be lower than the total records in Centricity.

Patient Distribution by Marital Status Centricity

Patient Distribution by Race Centricity

Top 10 Clinics Centricity

Patient Distribution by Gender Centricity

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